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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  July 24, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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out of respect for the shooting victims. >> we will continue to follow this story on nbc 4. look for a live report from colorado at 5:00 a.m. coming up on 4:30, before we go any further, a look at your forecast. >> that's right. started out muggy and humid, and we're wondering if we're getting any more rain or are things cooling down, tom? >> are we used to it yet? >> never! >> i don't think we ever fully adapt, do we? even though we've had our run of serious heat and humidity this summer, it still is going to get uncomfortably hot and humid. we're not used to this, yet. and as we take a look at the view from space, we cleared out from yesterday's scattered storms that were north and south and west of the metro area, and now we are under a clear sky this morning, and it's actually fairly pleasant. it is still rather humid. temperatures around the region in the yellows in the 70s, in the orange, we are already climbing into the 80s in a few locations in some of the highlands, out in west virginia.
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but closer to washington, mid-70s. in washington, montgome the rural areas of maryland and virginia now in the low to mid-70s. "day planner" for this tuesday. a sunny morning. and by 9:00, ought to be in the mid-80s. sunrise this morning is at 6:03. and by noontime, we'll noon the low 90s. heat and humidity during the afternoon, in fact, we'll soar into the upper 90s by mid-afternoon. then late afternoon into early evening, we have about a 30% chance of an isolated thunderstorm rolling by, slight risk it would produce any wind damage. i'll be back in ten minutes. your first 4 traffic now with danella. good morning. good morning. checking out traffic on 395 heading northbound. actually, at 27 washington boulevard, that's where in the restricted lanes there's a crash, but the hov lanes and the northbound lanes are open. again, heading northbound at washington boulevard, you'll see those restricted lanes blocked by the accident there. let's talk about road work, heading over to the beltway.
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auto loop at the dulles toll road, only the right lane gets you by construction there. and making your way past braddock road, same thing. outer loop of the beltway, the left lane is blocked in this area, but volume is very light. you can see on camera here, not a lot of delays at all, so you should be fine if you're heading out right now. i'm back in ten minutes with another first 4 traffic report. d.c. police are investigating a bizarre hit-and-run near the intersection of fuller and 15th streets northwest. police say a pedestrian was crossing the street just before 2:00 this morning. the person was hit by a car and knocked unconscious. that pedestrian woke up and walked to a nearby apartment for help. there is no word on the extent of his or her injuries. two d.c. police officers in the hospital this morning after a head-on crash in the 1900 block of capitol avenue in northeast. police say an suv going the wrong way down that one-way street slammed into the police cruiser. the driver then jumped out and took off running. other officers caught him. witnesses say a woman riding in
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the suv was also taken to the hospital. the officers' injuries are not serious. today we will find out if construction on a controversial gas station in montgomery county will be allowed to go forward. the county council plans to vote on a bill today that would ban a costco gas station next to the new warehouse store in wheaton. the bill was drafted after some residents raised concerns that the station was too close to a swimming pool, but last week a county attorney said the bill was unconstitutional because it unfairly targeted costco. critics of the station say the bill protects public health. the d.c. housing authority says it's looking into allegations that mayor vincent gray's campaign used a list of names of public housing residents to get votes. if true, that would be an illegal use of government information. "the washington post" first reported that story yesterday and noted gray's son, carlos, works for the housing authority. carlos hasn't commented on the allegations, but the mayor insists he didn't know of that list. he also is defending his son.
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>> any thoughts about your son being mentioned in this story? >> i believe my son. i've known my son all my life, as you might imagine, and he is hard-working, he's a young man of integrity, and he's very committed to the city. >> the housing authority also says it's reviewing its privacy policies and retraining its staff on those policies. president obama will campaign today in the pacific northwest. he'll hold events in portland, oregon, and seattle. the president told the veterans of foreign wars yesterday in reno that he delivered on his promise to end the war in iraq responsibly and withdraw from afghanistan. he also announced that veterans will receive more help looking for jobs and getting into college. mitt romney is set to speak to the vfw today before heading overseas. he leaves later in the day for london. the presumptive republican presidential candidate will attend the olympics there before heading to poland and israel. it will be the first big test of how romney can fair on the world stage. he's focused mostly on the
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economy during campaign events. the obama campaign has even accused him of being inexperienced on foreign policy. 4:35 right now. this morning, there are allegations of discrimination at one of the most prestigious high schools in our area and in the country. the coalition of silence and the naacp are filing a complaint against thomas jefferson high school for science and technology in virginia. that's because they claim minority students are grossly underrepresented there. the complaint indicates that 43% of this year's class of 476 students are white and 46% are asian. that's compared to hispanics making up just 2% and only three students, or 0.6% are black. >> poor latino kids are not being identified, and i worry part of that is language. african-american kids are not being identified. i'm worried that's race. >> tell you the truth, i haven't read it, but i think what they bring up is a valid concern. >> the u.s. department of education has the power to withhold federal funding for
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schools that refuse to correct civil rights violations, but the department first has to decide if there is enough evidence to warrant a full investigation. thousands of people who are living with hiv and aids will take to the streets of washington today to demand more resources to fight the disease. the day's march and rally coincide with the international aids conference going on here in washington this week. the black aids institute revealed yesterday that nearly 60% of the country's african-american gay men became infected by the -- become infected, rather, by the age of 40. elton john also spoke about eliminating the stigma associated with aids. >> i hope and pray that we will all discover a vaccine, we all do, but we won't get that vaccine to those in need if governments shun their most marginalized citizens. that is why this is critical. >> an estimated 34 million people worldwide are living with hiv or aids right now. coming up on 4:37 right now.
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ahead on "news4 today," they set out to solve a decades-old mystery. now we're learning what an expedition found in their search for amelia earhart's plane. plus, the help virginia is asking for in the aftermath of that powerful and damaging derecho. it's already warming up outside, a sign of the hot and sticky weather to
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welcome back.
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virginia is asking for federal disaster assistance after the powerful storm that killed 15 people and left more than a million people without power. state and local governments spent more than $27 million recovering from the storm at the end of june. that does not include the costs of damage to private property. if the request is approved, virginia could be reimbursed for activating emergency crews, opening shelters and removing debris. and we are fortunate the last several days that things have been relatively calm around here. >> that's right. >> a lot of cleaning up going on. fact of the matter is, we still have to deal with the heat. >> that's right. we didn't get a whole lot of rain yesterday, tom. any rain on the horizon? >> not yet, but we do have that possibility later today. and unfortunately, we do have the risk of some severe storms later this afternoon. "hometown 4-cast," waldorf, charles county, this is typical of much of the area. right now we're in the 70s through much of the region, that includes waldorf. mid-morning, lots of sunshine, should be into the low 80s by
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then. by noontime, a few clouds building, into the low 90s. peaking in the upper 90s in the metro areas, but away from the metro area, like in charles county, it will peak in the mid-90s. but by mid to late afternoon, that's when we could see some thunderstorms popping up, and we could have some of those storms producing wind damage all the way between generally around 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the mid-80s by then. then by late evening, we'll be down to the 70s. and by dawn tomorrow, this time tomorrow morning, much nicer with lower humidity, down to the 60s to near 70. a look at the rest of the week and weekend, your seven-day outlook in ten minutes. first 4 traffic with danella right now. good morning. >> good morning, tom. checking the roads, if you're traveling i-270, looking good making your way southbound past shady grove road. northbound nice as well. between shady grove road and the lane divide, travel lanes are open. let's connect to the beltway. if you're traveling the beltway, we'll check drive times right now. taking the beltway from i-270
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driving towards i-95, you're about 58 miles per hour, that drive taking ten minutes. if you're traveling along i-66 in virginia, guess what? i have your commute coming up in ten minutes during our next first 4 traffic report. aaron and eun, back to you. >> see you then. thanks. >> 4:42 now, 75 degrees. still to come, how americans are remembering the life of one of our country's space pioneers. plus, more ways to keep up with the london olympic
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the mystery of amelia earhart's disappearance will remain a mystery, at least for now. an expedition to find the wreckage of the famed pilot's plane came up with nothing. researchers spent weeks looking around a remote island in the pacific ocean where they believed she and her navigator crashed 75 years ago. the group isn't giving up hope, though. it plans on analyzing video and
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data collected to look for evidence that might have been hard to see at first. the group is also planning another voyage next year. america's first woman in space has died. sally ride lost a 17-month battle with pancreatic cancer yesterday in california. she made history in 1983 as the first american woman to go up into space. president obama called ride a national hero, a powerful role model who inspired generations of girls to reach for the stars. after retiring, ride continued to advocate math and science education, especially for girls. sally ride was 61 years old. prosecutors and defense lawyers expect to finish seating the jury in drew peterson's murder trial today. eight people have been chosen so far. the former police sergeant charged with murdering his third wife, kathleen savio, in 2004, peterson is also a suspect in the 2007 disappearance of his fourth wife, stacy peterson, although he's not been charged there. savio was found in a dry bathtub with blood in her hair in their home in illinois. her death was first ruled
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accidental, an accidental drowning but changed to murder after the investigation was reopened. 4:46 right now. police arrested a woman's ex-boyfriend accused in her murder. 36-year-old amber schinault was found stabbed to death sunday afternoon in her home on 57th avenue in berwyn heights, maryland. police arrested 37-year-old andrew kugler yesterday morning at the college park metro station, just three miles from the crime scene. she had a stay-away order against him since an assault last month. schinault's murder is the first murder in berwyn heights in 21 years. this morning, d.c. police are investigating a beating of a gay couple as a hate crime. right now, michael hall is in the hospital. the 29-year-old yoga instructor underwent surgery yesterday to repair a broken jaw and other fractures in his face. police say a group of teenagers ambushed hall and his boyfriend, michael roike, early sunday morning in northeast washington. the men were walking home holding hands after a night on the town.
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>> four or five kids just came out of nowhere, without any warning. we didn't think it was a robbery because they didn't immediately ask for anything. they just came out swinging and hitting. >> my biggest nightmare was the fact that this would happen eventually. >> hall's parents came in from virginia to take care of their son. police say a woman and her boyfriend saw the attack and came to their rescue. they managed to get him and his boyfriend to safety. police are searching for suspects. this morning, prince william county police looking for a flasher who exposed himself to a teenage girl. there are reports that the 14-year-old was walking on a nature trail in bristow when he exposed himself. she was able to run away and call police. they say he is a hispanic man between 30 and 40 years old, about 6 feet tall, 250 pounds and was wearing a light blue t-shirt and black athletic shorts with a white stripe. last week, a flasher exposed
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himself to a 17-year-old just miles away in manassas. federal prosecutors do not want the man who admitted to firing shots at the pentagon or other buildings to undergo a mental health exam. they say yonathan melaku is competent for sentencing. in january, he pled guilty to a series of shootings in the fall of 2010. now, melaku's new lawyers are requesting that exam. they argue their own psychiatrist concluded he suffers from schizophrenia. melaku agreed to a 25-year prison sentence as part of his plea deal. this morning, penn state football fans are still processing the ramifications of the ncaa's sanctions against the team in the wake of the jerry sandusky scandal, but many people who live and work near the penn state campus are also bracing for a financial hit they may be about to take because of the penalties. state college swells to the third largest city in the state on game days, and many businesses count on those few saturdays to keep them going throughout the year. >> for a lot of businesses in the area, that's when they make
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their profit that's going to see them through winter months, so it is crucial. >> i feel very confident that alumni will still be coming to the games, fans will still be coming. >> penn state has been the third most valuable college football program in the country. we are learning more about a salmonella outbreak that sickened at least 33 people, people in seven states, including virginia, have gotten ill from salmonella-tainted ground beef. nearly 30,000 pounds of the beef produced by cargill meat solutions in pennsylvania, was recalled on sunday. the 85% lean ground beef was produced on may 25th and has the establishment number 9400 inside the usda mark of inspection. if you have that meat in your freezer, you should throw it away. >> all right, it is coming up on 4:50. >> just about. >> that's right, and that means time for weather and traffic on the 1s. we're starting off with another
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humid day. it's not too bad out there, i guess. >> yeah, roll the window down, get a breeze in there. >> yeah, it feels nice. we cleared out. we did have the heat and humidity yesterday, but thankfully, you had a lot of clouds. so, if you had to spend a lot of time outside throwing javelins -- >> who would be doing that? >> -- it was at least a little more pleasant. as we take a look at the sky now, you can see we have cleared out, and we did have a few scattered storms yesterday afternoon around the region. none of them came close to the metro area, though. but right now, we have a few thunderstorms popping up in indiana. that's along a cool front that's going to be coming closer to us later today. that may trigger some storms. right now around the region, temperatures are in the low to mid-70s in prince george's county, arlington, fairfax, montgomery counties, very pleasant. mid and upper 70s right around the bay. we've got a calm wind now. eastern shore, many locations low 70s. farther west and north of washington, western maryland and some of the highlands of west virginia have hit the 80s. we've got some hot air aloft that's beginning to move in some of the higher elevations there,
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but lower elevations, shenandoah valley, right near 70 now. and we do have a chance for some severe storms, this area in yellow. covers a huge area, all of virginia, all of maryland, eastern shore, all of west virginia. this is between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. today. that's when we might get an isolated storm producing some wind damage. but a beautiful morning by 9:00, low to mid-80s, humid, lots of sunshine. by noontime, clouds beginning to build. for the lunch hour, though, we'll be into the low 90s. then mid and upper 90s midafternoon, but late afternoon, around 4:00, 5:00, we might have an isolated storm popping up. we'll drop back down into the 80s by then, and some of those storms might produce some wind damage, so stay tuned. then tomorrow, much nicer! it will be a beautiful day with lower humidity. 60s in the morning, afternoon highs in the 80s with lots of sun. then we heat up on thursday, soaring to the upper 90s, near 100 with increased humidity and maybe an isolated storm.
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still hot and humid on friday, too. maybe an afternoon storm as well as on saturday, but not as hot. sunday, monday looking better with lower humidity, highs in the 80s. danella, good morning! how's traffic now? good morning. well, right now i have some good news if you're traveling on 395 making your way northbound at washington boulevard. had a crash there. it's now completely gone, travel lanes are open on 395. let's head over to i-66. if this is your commute, seeing construction on i-66, this time as you make your way westbound from the beltway heading toward nutley. the left lane is blocked by the road work. you are able to get by in the right lane as well as center lane, and volume's pretty light right now, so it's not terrible. let's check out i-66 inside the beltway. here's a live look at scout run parkway. checking travel speeds, traveling from the beltway making your way toward g.w. parkway, you're at 58 miles per hour. eastbound not bad, that drive taking 11 minutes as you drive on i-66. i'm back in ten. aaron and eun, back over to you. >> thanks, danella. >> harper, base hit right field!
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scoring is leone. all the other runners held, and bryce harper has knocked in all three nats runs tonight. >> the nationals now hold a 4 1/2-game lead in their division after beating the mets 8-2 in ten innings. bryce harper had the go-ahead hit and michael morse capped a six-run tenth win with a two-run home run. the nats and mets square off again tonight in new york. three days now until the start of the 2012 london olympics. fans are getting a preview of what's expected to be a pretty spectacular opening ceremony. a few lucky londoners were allowed into olympic park for the first time last night for a dress rehearsal of the kickoff event. oscar-winning direct yordaor dan oscar-winning direct yordaor d y boyle designed the show to reflect britain's past, present and future. there are reports it will begin with a stuntman dressed as james bond parachuting into the stadium. the ceremony expected to draw a tv audience of 1 billion. sitting down on your couch
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won't be the only way to get to keep up with the games. fans will have more access than ever before to both the events and the athletes, thanks to facebook and twitter. nbc also has an olympics app that gives you an inside look at the games and lets you hear from the athletes in their own words. not only will you get a front-row seat without crossing the pond, but you'll also have the ability to connect with other fans worldwide. >> you're not just, like, looking at tv and watching it. you're telling people how excited you are, who you want to root for or who you're upset about. you really get to have a dialogue and a conversation. >> for the first time, every olympic event will be streamed online and can be seen on nbc's family of networks. nbc 4, though, is your home for the 2012 olympic games. visit the "london 2012" section of as well for everything you need to know before the games start. and starting tomorrow, our dan hellie will bring you live reports from london.
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>> it will be interesting if you can talk interactively to people around the world. there could be some trash talking going on early on, though, you know what i mean? >> that's true. >> rival teams. >> i think something like 350 hours of olympic competition are going to be available online, you can get to all the different nbcuniversal platforms, be able to watch whatever events you want to see, whatever time you want to see them, and of course, all the marquee events and wrap-ups and talking to the athletes. >> olympics in a new age. >> yeah. >> it is now 4:55, 75 degrees out there. he's being blamed for a mul multimillion dollar disaster aboard a u.s. submarine. coming up at 5:15, the excuse one worker is giving for starting the fire. but first, the steps one district leader is taking after another round of flooding in northwest washington. plus, now's your chance to catch a glimpse of some of the
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welcome back. one city leader says he's fed up with flooding in one d.c. neighborhood. d.c. council member kenyon mcduffy wants to call an emergency meeting to address flooding in the bloomingdale area of northwest washington. the neighborhood's flooded three times now in the last two weeks. mcduffy wants city officials, utility companies and the department of public works to discuss the problem. d.c. water is blaming the city's sewer system for the flooding. a plan to fix that outdated system, though, won't be finishfinish ed for another 13 years. anger from rioters forcing metro to rethink just how long
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the gaps between trains are allowed to grow. two weeks ago, metro staff proposed a standard that would allow gaps between trains to grow above 15 minutes during rush hour and 30 minutes during the off-peak. many riders were shocked at the length of team metro was willing to make commuters wait. the board has now revised times to 15 minutes during peak, 20 minutes during off-peak and 25 minutes during late-night service. the metro board will vote on that proposal on thursday. >> that's a long time to wait, that's for sure. >> it is. are we talking cheetah now, guys? >> all right. >> yes. the two newest additions to the great cats exhibit at the national zoo will make their official debut today. >> the pair of cheetah cubs were born at the zoo's research facility in front royal, virginia, back in april. how cute are these guys! this morning, the cubs will be on display at the cheetah


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